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500 Count #9 Flip and SELF Seal Business Double Window Security Envelopes-Designed and Used for Quickbooks Invoices and Business Statements 3 7/8″ X 8 7/8″ Plus Free Letter Opener

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  • Our 24 LB white wove Business Envelope #9 paper has 500 envelopes per box and holds its’ professional look and feel throughout the mailing process. We also include a FREE letter opener with each purcahase .
  • Quickly and easily Fill our wide envelopes #9 with several invoices or business statements all at once and our security envelopes self seal
  • Just use our Peel and Self Seal adhesive to create a strong lasting seal: No more headaches, or bad tastes or toxins in your month from licking envelopes; our window envelopes self seal design allows for sending hundreds of invoices quickly and easily to clients
  • Perfectly fits QuickBooks Invoices and business billing statements: sender and return address will be visible on your QuickBooks invoices and monthly bills through the two window design.
  • Our Quality Security envelopes keep your clients private information truly private. In the age of Identity theft, this is crucial for all business mailings.
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Save Time Sending Your Invoices with these Quickbooks Ready Invoice Envelopes

Quickly and easily send hundreds or thousands of business invoices or statements with our envelopes with a wide design and an easy to use peel and self seal flap.

Our Peel and Self Seal flap with low profile window design creates a wide opening so you can quickly stuff several invoices into the envelope. These 2 window envelopes will prevent invoices from getting jammed during stuffing

Once sealed, no adhesive is exposed so you do not have to worry about the envelope sticking to other mail like other brands

Business mail will be completely secure and private during transit It can be so difficult to find envelopes that create a strong lasting seal thus forcing you to waste time using glue sticks or tape to close the envelopes. Not ours! Our invoice envelopes are designed to immediately create a strong seal so you do not have to worry about your contents being exposed to others or even falling out of the envelope. Your invoices will remain sealed, safe and intact.

Unlike sloppy flip and seal envelopes that are messy and even after sealing can still stick to other mail, our peel and seal design quickly seals with no mess and the envelope will not stick to your other business mail outgoing mail.

Security with a Professional Look

It can be frustrating to purchase envelopes only to find them flimsy enough to have you worried about their durability during transit. Our envelopes are made of 24 LB White wove paper that will provide a professional look from the box all the way to your destination

100% Money Back Guarantee,

Just contact us and we can issue a refund.

Free letter opener included with every purchase.

500 professional envelopes per box


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